Exciting partnership with Kelsey Murphy (S11) and Gerron Hurt (S09)

Exciting new partnership!

MasterChef.shop knows that you are as mad about cooking as we are, which is why we are super excited to announce our partnership with MasterChefs Kelsey Murphy and Gerron Hurt! Season 11 winner Murphy and season 9 winner Hurt will be sharing home-cook adaptations of their winning MasterChef recipes as well as some new creations with us here on MasterChef.shop!

A little bit about: 

Kelsey Murphy

Born and raised Chicago girl Murphy currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three kids (nr three she carried while cooking up a storm on the set of season 11!). A frontrunner throughout the series Murphy created no less than 20 dishes in challenges presented by some of the biggest names in the culinary world including Masaharu Morimoto, Nancy Silverton, Roy Choi, Dominique Crenn and Curtis Stone. Murphy’s winning creations in the final were steak tartare canape, lobster/crab ravioli appetizer, crispy-skinned duck entrée and a blueberry lavender panna cotta dessert.

Gerron Hurt

Schoolteacher turned celebrity chef Gerron Hurt took the crown of MasterChef season 9. His southern inspired dishes were cooked from the heart and were very well received by the judges. Gerron’s passion and incredible talent made him one of the strongest competitors in the series and his kind and likeable personality was very popular among viewers. His winning dishes in the final were an entrée of Carabinero prawns with heirloom grits, shellfish au jus, crispy shallots and a dessert of Amaretto chess pie with a raspberry coulis and popped sorghum. 

The partnership with MasterChef.shop: 

If you would like to cook the mouthwatering dishes you see on MasterChef but worry they are too ambitious and complicated to make, fear not – we’ve got you covered! Murphy and Hurt will share with MasterChef.shop easy-to-follow, achievable adaptations of the delectable starters, mains and dessert they presented to their judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich as well as some new creations. Of course the winning dishes that got them crowned as MasterChefs will not be missing from this list!

As we are about to be inspired again by MasterChef season 12 this partnership comes at the perfect time. With the magic and encouragement of Kelsey Murphy and Gerron Hurt, you can be a winner in your own kitchen.

Your time starts now! 

(If you are looking for kitchen utensils needed to carry out the recipes, look here to find them.)

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